Birthday Burger At Red Robin

Birthday BurgerYesterday I decided to redeem the wonderful free burger coupon I got from Red Robin restaurant on my birthday. It had been a while since I last visited Red Robin. Usually I go with my roommate but today I went by myself.

I waited to go until about 1 in the afternoon so that I’d miss out on the lunch crowds. No need to tolerate a busy restaurant when you don’t have to that’s for sure. When I got there, there were just a handful of tables filled with people which was perfect. I got seated in a booth well away from the others already there, which was great.

My server ended up being a woman named Amy. She was the friendliest server I’ve ever had at Red Robin, which is a great compliment because I’ve had a lot of really friendly servers over the years of visiting Red Robin. In fact, I only once had a bad server at Red Robin and I never saw that guy working there again, so I can’t complain about Red Robin.

Amy saw I had one of the email coupons with me and asked to have it when I ordered so that she could get it entered right away instead of at the end. I think she assumed initially it was one of the current email coupons for $5.99 burgers as was surprised it was the birthday coupon. She immediately asked if it was my birthday that day to which I said it wasn’t. I mentioned I had gone up to Disneyland on the day of my birthday. She said her son was currently up at Disneyland that day to celebrate his birthday. She also said that he was an annual pass holder, so he was using the option of getting an additional admission to the park for a friend of his that didn’t have the money for the admission to go with him.

I decided on the Whiskey River BBQ Burger for my lunch, but I customized it so it would be compliant with my program. I had them hold the BBQ sauce and I asked for the burger to be lettuce wrapped instead. These customizations were no problem according to Amy and because I asked for a lettuce wrap, she asked if I wanted to substitute a salad for the fries as well, and I said, “No Way! I want fries for my birthday!” She laughed.

The burger arrived in what seemed like no time at all. It looked gorgeous. I should have taken a picture of it with the camera built into my phone but I didn’t think about it until I was already three quarters of the way through the burger and it didn’t look quite so photogenic at that point. The definitely didn’t scrimp on the lettuce to wrap the burger. A lot of places I get lettuce wrapped burgers, they kind of scrimp on the lettuce so the burger ends up being a very messy experience with all the toppings on it. Not so with the Red Robin Burger, it was very well wrapped.

We can’t forget the delicious Red Robin fries. I love Steak Fries and that’s the kind they serve. They always come hot and fresh and seasoned with Red Robin Seasoning which is delicious. Amy didn’t bat an eye at my request to have a side of mayo to dip my fries into. Since ketchup has too much sugar I don’t have it when I dine out to be compliant with my program so I will sometimes use mustard as a dipping sauce or when I’m a little bored with Mustard, a side of mayonnaise. And I just happened to be bored with mustard.

As I was being presented the bill for my Diet Coke (I know, it’s bad and I’m not supposed to have it, but I forgot my Truvia packets so I could have Iced Tea.) Amy and I chatted about the great coupon offers Red Robin sends out to their e-mail list. I think the current offer for any burger at $5.99 which is almost half price for most of the burgers is a great deal. I’ll probably be back for another burger before that coupon expires. And maybe I’ll remember to photograph the lettuce wrapped burger before I take a bite out of it first.

I had a great time at Red Robin and Amy made it even more special. She again wished me a happy birthday before I left and before I headed home I decided to walk down to the Apple Store elsewhere in the mall. Lots of goodies in there, that’s for sure and still just before they announced the new iPods. If you head to the Red Robin at the Westfield North County mall, be sure to ask to sit in Amy’s section.



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