Bewitched DVD Sets On Sale At Costco

I was checking through my local Costco Membership Warehouse the other night, mainly to see if they had the 12 pack of SoBe Lifewaters I had heard they were now carrying. When I passed by the DVD section, I just took a quick look and what caught my attention was that they had a set of display boxes containing the various seasons of the show Bewitched. They had all eight seasons of Bewitched available for $12.99 each. A great bargain if you are looking for a deal on getting the episodes from the show.

I didn’t realize Sony had finished releasing the entire series, I had been buying them as they came out for the first four seasons, but didn’t buy the fifth season as it was more expensive than I was willing to spend at the time and I never heard about the subsequent seasons being released after that. I was certainly presented with a case of temptation as it would be quite easy to just get the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons right here for a bargain price. I decided I would give it some thought but since it’s Costco, I would definitely have to think quickly as things there tend to sell quickly and they may not be there when you come back.

Ultimately I went home and looked up the series on Netflix to see if the show was available for instant viewing, and unfortunately it’s not. Then I checked Amazon to see what the sell the sets for and each were at $24.99, so the Costco price was nearly 50% off Amazon’s price. So if I were to get them, the best deal would be at Costco.

If I had to pick my all time favorite classic television sitcom, I’m pretty sure it would be Bewitched. Elizabeth Montgomery was absolutely gorgeous during the series and for me will always remain forever timeless. Her character of Samantha Stevens was always juggling a double life which for many years I felt I was doing as well. For Samantha it was always a careful balancing act to keep her two lives as separate as possible. I can certainly identify with wanting to keep a public persona separate from a home life persona. I admired her ability to handle both lives graciously and always managed to find a solution to save the day in the end no matter how crazy the circumstances got around her. I guess you could say I felt Samantha was a bit of a role model.

I remember when the cable channel, Nickelodeon began airing Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on their “Nick At Nite” line-up they had a contest for viewers to decide who was more powerful, Samantha or Jeannie, and to me the answer was obvious, Samantha. There was never any question in my mind because no matter how much power Jeannie had, she had no control over her powers and all the problems that arose were due to her lack of control. Samantha on the other hand was always the rock in the storm, able to handle the chaos that came her way. Fortunately, the viewers agreed, Samantha won the contest, by winning approximately 58% of the vote according to

Should I indulge in some Bewitched, probably not, but maybe a set or two and if I’m lucky in another week or two I’ll have a chance to come back and hopefully Costco will still have a couple of the sets in stock. Fingers crossed for me, or maybe a little twitching of the nose.



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