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Lettuce WhopperBurger King’s claim to fame is their slogan where they invite you to “Have It Your Way” where they encourage you to customize your burger or other food items to however you like it. They even go so far as to claim there are over 240,000 different combinations of how to customize the items on their menu. And despite all this, when I decided to stop at my local Burger King in Poway, they failed miserably on the customization I was seeking.

I stopped in to my local Burger King and after reviewing the nutritional information they had posted on the wall, it looked like the only way I was going to be able to get a burger with relatively no sugar, was to ask and see if they could wrap the burger in lettuce instead of a bun. I went to the counter and asked if it was possible to have the burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, the girl at the counter didn’t know, asked her manager as she had no idea how to even ring in the burger and have it wrapped in lettuce. The manager said it would be possible and that she would take care of letting the staff in back that would be assembling the burger know to use lettuce instead of a bun.

Since I was assured it was possible, I decided to order a Whopper without ketchup and lettuce wrapped. Let’s just say, what I got bore little resemblance to what I ordered. The burger was in fact, NOT lettuce wrapped. The meat was thrown into the bottom of what looked like a side salad container, then on top of it was a couple of strips of onion, a tomato slice, a pickle slice, and all if it buried under shredded lettuce. My only instructions for customization were to wrap the burger in lettuce instead of the bun, and just leave off the ketchup. They also took it upon themselves to leave off the mayo too, and basically lied to me about being able to wrap the burger in lettuce. How am I supposed to grip the burger and eat it when there’s no lettuce at all under the meat patty and what lettuce is in there is shredded into small chunks? They didn’t even bother providing any cutlery to eat it with, I had to go back and ask for it.

Quite frankly, I am more annoyed by the fact they lied at the counter when I asked if it was going to be possible to have the burger lettuce wrapped than if they had just said, no, they couldn’t do it. Had they have just been honest, I would have just ordered something else and have been happy with my visit. But since they lied to me and then served me what basically amounts to a hamburger salad instead of a burger, I’m not happy. The “Have it Your Way” slogan all over the restaurant just served to mock me and the poor excuse for a lettuce wrapped burger they tried to serve was just an insult.

In this day and age with consumers demanding low carb options, I am amazed that Burger King professes to allow you to have it your way only to completely fail to offer a lettuce wrap option. With so many of their competitors offering “Low Carb” or “Protein Style” options, it seems rather blasphemous of Burger King to want you to “Have It Your Way” and fail at such a simple request. Their buns are simply loaded with sugar and not an option I can have to be compliant with Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program that I have been on since the end of April and have already lost over 60 pounds following. I am allowed no more than 15 grams of sugar per day and the maximum I can allow for a single meal is 5 grams of sugar.

The Whopper in its unaltered state contains 11 grams of sugar, more than double the amount of sugar I would be allowed for a single meal. According to Burger King’s website, the bun alone has 6 grams of sugar, hence the need for a lettuce wrap option. The reason I asked to have the ketchup removed is because that’s another known source of excessive sugar and eliminating both the bun and ketchup from the Whopper effectively brings the burger down to 2 grams of sugar (basically just leaving the tomato and onion as the only sources of sugar left in the burger). This also has the effect of dropping the total carbs for the burger down to 3 grams which is considered no carbs on the Belly Fat Cure program and in turn making for a burger that is compliant with the program. But that would only be the case if Burger King offered a lettuce wrap option.

In my time on the Belly Fat Cure program, I have been able to add a lot of offerings from fast food restaurants into my Belly Fat Cure program by smartly reducing sugar and carbs. It just seems rather silly that Burger King, being such a large fast food company has such a lacking menu for low sugar options. They really need to get with the program or I’ll simply have to take my business elsewhere.

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