Amazing Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Made With Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate ChipsAfter having been on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program for a while, I’d been craving Chocolate Chip cookies. There had to be a way to make sugar free chocolate chip cookies, and probably a better way than chopping up chunks of unsweetened chocolate. Well, Kim Barry, another person who’s been through the Belly Fat Cure program recommended finding Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips. Easier said than done.

A Google search for Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate chips reveals Wal-Mart carries the chips, but according to their store locator, none of them within 100 miles of me carry any. By plugging in some random cities, it seems that it’s only the Wal-Mart Supercenters that have them, and there’s none of those in San Diego county. I found some various online stores that seem to sell them for about $6 a bag. A bag of the sugar free chocolate chips is only 8 ounces, so that sounds like a complete rip off to me. Plus they also want $6 more just to ship a bag, so I’m sorry, I’m not spending $12 for a half pound of sugar free chocolate chips.

The Google search also pointed to a recipe on Hershey’s website for making the sugar free chocolate chip cookies, and then clicking over Hershey’s main website, it had a product locator tool. I entered in my zip code and asked it to find me a store with Hershey’s Chocolate Chips and it pointed to a Ralph’s Grocery store about 15 miles away. Since I didn’t want to play around and check all the local Ralph’s stores that are closer and come up empty handed, I decided to just make a special trip to the exact store listed.

Sure enough, that specific Ralph’s store had the chocolate chips. The shelf tag said $3.49 which I thought was great considering the prices I had seen online. There was a sale tag that said 87 cents, which I assumed was the discount for using the store card, so that made it $2.62 a bag, still a good deal. So I picked up four bags and went to the check out, thinking this was going to cost about $11. Not bad I figured since some Sugar Free items I’ve been buying on this program have been pretty expensive.

When I got through the registers and ended up only paying $3.58 total for the whole purchase. I then realized the sale price was the 87 cents a bag. Wow, what a deal. I went to my car and put the chips I bought and put them into my trunk, and went back into the store and bought every last remaining bag they had on the shelf. So in total I walked out of the Ralph’s with 18 bags of Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips and I had spent $15.66. The receipts were quite funny because between the two, I saved $47.16 for using the Ralph’s club card. Not bad saving $47 when I only spent $16 to begin with.

I figured it was a great deal so best to take full advantage of it. Besides, if the chocolate chips ended up tasting terrible, I could return the un-opened bags at any Ralph’s store and get my money back. Fortunately they were delicious, so I got an awesome deal on Sugar Free Chocolate chips. I just hope I find as awesome a deal when I finally do run out of them.

The recipe on the bag, is the same one that Hershey’s has on their website. Click here to see the recipe. I followed the recipe except I did NOT use the recommended sugars replacements. The recommended sugars replacements are Sucralose (better known as Splenda). Splenda is a chlorinated artificial sweetener that is known to kill beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract (See The Truth About Splenda for details.) Basically it’s a toxic chemical that poisons your body, and even though its been FDA approved, all the safety studies on it have been done by the manufacturer and do you think they might want to lie about their product if it’s unsafe? So in place of the 1/3 cup Sucralose – granulated blend and 1/3 cup Sucralose – brown sugar blend, I just used 2/3 cup Xylitol which is a non-fermentable sugar alcohol (which means the Xylitol won’t cause tooth decay). And as a chopped nut I decided to chop up a few raw Macadamia nuts and proceeded with the recipe.

The cookies came out fantastically. They were absolutely delicious. I thought the chocolate chips might not be enough since the non-sugar free versions in the stores came in 10 to 12 ounce bags, but as seen in the photo above, my cookies had lots of chocolate chips in them. The recipe states it makes 4 & 1/2 dozen cookies, but I don’t know how small they were making their cookies. I got about 2 cookies out of the recipe both times I made the cookies and they were definitely good sized cookies. And they seemed like normal sized homemade cookies.

I brought in a few cookies to people at work and other friends to share, and they were all impressed with the sugar free cookies. They couldn’t tell the difference. I certainly couldn’t tell the difference. The cookies were very soft and once they cooled down they stayed together nicely. My last batch was definitely the best batch I’ve made so far. And boy did the chopped macadamia nuts really add to the flavor. So delicious. I think for my next batch, I’m going to try substituting Joseph’s Sugar Free Maple Syrup for half of the Xylitol to see if that adds a brown sugar like effect to more closely match the original recipe (short of using the toxic Sucralose/Splenda products recommended.) Who knows how they’ll taste. But I’m enjoying the process of experimenting.

One of the other things on the bag of the Hershey’s Chocolate Chips is a website that Hershey’s has made that focuses on just the Sugar Free products they make. To check out that site, point your browser to



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