Amazing Sugar Free Cheesecake From Junior’s Cheesecakes

Junior's Sugar Free CheesecakeMy mom is an avid fan of QVC and about a month ago, I somehow ended up on QVC’s website and one of the items that popped up to look at was a Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse Cake from Junior’s Cheesecakes of New York. I ended up clicking on it just to check it out and it looked amazingly good. There were endless reviews of how wonderful the cake was, so I was intrigued. I saw they also had a Sugar Free Cheesecake listed that also was highly reviewed. As I am on a low sugar program I thought it might be worth trying one of these, but I was a bit hesitant to spend $30-$35 plus another $11 for shipping for a whole cake and QVC also charges tax, so a few more dollars on top of it for something I haven’t tried. Plus that’s a huge chunk of money for a single cake.

Well since I had an upcoming trip to New York, I decided I was going to wait on these expensive cakes and take advantage of the fact Junior’s has restaurants in New York and hunt one of the restaurants down while in New York and try a slice of their cheesecake. I looked up Junior’s website and found they have several restaurants in the New York area and it looked like for my visit to New York, my best option was to find the one in Times Square, so I added it to my agenda for New York.

As my trip to New York for the Kristina concerts at Carnegie Hall arrived, I found the Times Square location and had a really amazingly good bunless hamburger that was one of the most tasty burger’s I’ve had in a long time. It tasted like a homemade patty, not at all like a restaurant patty. It had great seasoning and the whole meal was delicious. And I was actually quite full after it, but since I specifically hunted down the restaurant for the purpose of trying the sugar free cheesecake, which is made with Xylitol, one of the better sugar substitutes available, I ordered a slice of the cheesecake.

Junior's Sugar Free Cheesecake Bite TakenI waited with anticipation, of my first ever slice of New York cheesecake in New York City. It just seemed so right to be having it in New York. I suppose it was a cheat that I was being delivered a sugar free one, but since having lost 65 pounds following Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure which greatly reduces sugar intake, I am not about to break my program for a slice of cheesecake. So unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t able to pick one of the more exotic styles of cheesecakes that Junior’s offers (and they certainly had some really interesting sounding ones that had I not have been on the program I would have picked.) But going with a traditional slice of cheesecake, only in a sugar free version, would definitely allow it to be more comparable in taste to every other cheesecakes I’ve ever had.

The slice arrived and it looked like a very unassuming slice of cheesecake. It looked like a perfect slice. The taste of it, was incredibly deceptive. if I didn’t know it was sugar free, I would never have known. It tasted absolutely perfect. Incredible cheesecake taste, the texture was exactly like the best cheesecake slices I’ve ever had in the past. I was in cheesecake heaven. It was so worth the $6.95 price for the slice. I decided right then and there that I would definitely be ordering a whole cheesecake by mail order at some point in the future. Junior’s is well worth the premium price. And I will also remember Junior’s for fact I got hit on by my server. It’s the first time that’s ever happened to me and no doubt it’s due to the weight loss I’ve achieved so far.

I think I’ll be ordering one of the cheesecakes for the holidays as my folks are expecting to have both my brother and his wife in town from Tennessee and my grandfather from Canada for Christmas and it’ll make a perfect dessert for the whole family. I can’t wait to introduce my family to Junior’s amazing sugar free cheesecake for the holidays if I don’t order one sooner. Although I will most likely be ordering directly from Junior’s at instead of through QVC.



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