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Failed CookiesAs many know, I’ve been making my own cookies in compliance with the Belly Fat Cure program by Jorge Cruise. And today I attempted another batch, but this time I was getting a little creative with the recipe. And unfortunately, this time the cookies ended up being a failure of mass proportions. But a very delicious failure to say the least.

This time I decided I wanted to try and mix in some of the Shreddies, I had gotten in my order from Shreddies is a popular breakfast cereal made by Post in Canada. Since their sugar content is a little over what I’m technically allowed on the Belly Fat Cure program, I thought I’d try and find some additional uses for the cereal that would allow me to enjoy them but with fewer of them in a serving so that I can keep the cereal compliant with the program. So as I pulled out all my supplies for making cookies, I thought, maybe I should try using the cereal instead of the Soy flour I had and so I smashed up about 2 cups worth of Shreddies to replace the 2 cups of of flour called for in the recipe.

And then I also chopped up some Macadamia nuts and threw in a bag of the Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate chips, and for good measure, added a bit of cinnamon to the mix. And of course I was using Xylitol and a little bit of Sugar Free Maple Syrup to sweeten the mixture so that the only sugar in the dough was what was already inside the Shreddies cereal. Well when all the ingredients were added together, the dough was very much like the regular dough from when I’ve made cookies before. It was thick so I spooned it all out on the cookie sheets and threw the cookies in the oven to bake.

The cookies were definitely smelling delicious, but to my surprise when the timer went off and I opened the oven door, the cookies didn’t form into cookies at all, they just melted into little messy puddles of ingredients. So I’ve learned my lesson, I need to use at least some flour to help hold the little buggers together when they’re baking. As seen in the photograph above, the mess of what were supposed to be cookies rather resembles what you might find in your backyard if you had a dog with the runs.

But amazingly the nasty looking results actually were extremely delicious, so instead of tossing the results, I’ve scooped it all up into a Rubbermaid storage container and pressed it in, so now it looks more like a dessert casserole. So the next time I make some cookies I think I will attempt the recipe again, except this time I’ll only substitute half the flour for Shreddies instead of the whole amount. And we’ll see if those come out properly. In any case, that will also bring down the relatively low sugar amount this recipe actually was.

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