T-Shirt Hell Brings Back Favorite Canadian Shirt

Canadians Are Eh-HolesT-Shirt Hell, the home of funny, but sometimes rude and crude t-shirts, has brought back their “Canadian’s Are Eh-Holes” t-shirt design. As a Canadian, I find the shirt highly amusing to play off the so called over-use of “Eh” in the Canadian vernacular. What I love best about the shirt is that the logo design is a complete spoof of the label from Molson Canadian Beer.

As T-Shirt Hell likes to rotate their selection of available choices around, if you would love to get a “Canadian’s Are Eh-Holes” shirt, I would recommend getting one as quickly as possible. I had personally been badgering them to bring back this shirt as I really wanted one for myself (and now that I can get them, I’ve ordered two.) I love the sense of humor of the shirt as it’s very much in line with the South Park movie where humorously the village of South Park instigates a full scale war with Canada.

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Arrival – World’s Best ABBA Tribute Band Comes To San Diego County Fair

Ryan Cameron Meets Arrival in Anaheim, October 12, 2008Arrival, the world’s best ABBA Tribute Band, brings the magic of ABBA to San Diego during the San Diego County Fair. They will be performing live on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar with two shows, one in the afternoon at 2 pm and again at 7:30 pm. The 2 pm show is general admission for all seats (included in the price of admission to the fair) and the 7:30 pm show includes general admission seats, with premium reserved seats being sold additionally through TicketMaster by clicking here. TicketMaster seats include admission to the fair.

How good is Arrival at recreating the experience of an ABBA live concert? Well as the unofficial expert on ABBA Tribute Bands, I have actually written an article about the eight most annoying things that ABBA tribute bands get wrong. To read the article, click here. Arrival is the only ABBA tribute band I’ve seen so far that has gets everything right. I’ve seen a couple that come close to getting them all right, but Arrival is the only one hands down that gets it completely right. They are the closest thing to the real deal you’re ever going to find and I’m very happy to extend my seal of approval to Arrival.

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Which Wich Offers Wonderful Sandwiches

Which WichOn the recommendation of Brian Hill, a friend who is part of a local scene podcast, mentioned trying this new chain of sandwich shops that has recently opened up a location in San Diego. This chain is called “Which Wich” and the premise of the chain is that when you step into the shop, you grab a sandwich bag that corresponds to the type of meat that you want on the sandwich and then from there, you use a red Sharpie marker pen to check off all the various options for the type of bread as well all the additional items from condiments to bacon and dressings that you want added to the sandwich.

All the sandwiches are the same price (unless you opt to add additional meats or try their signature sandwich called “The Wicked” which consists of five types of meats and three cheeses). At the bottom of the bag is a spot to write in your name, then you take the bag to the counter and they ring up your order then make it exactly as you ordered it. You can add additional items to your order such as a bag of potato chips. And they even make their own house potato chips too.

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Dame Edna As Vicious As Ever At San Diego’s Civic Theatre

Dame Edna - My First Last TourDame Edna, the International “Gigastar” (upgraded from “Megastar”) from Moonee Ponds, Australia brought her fantastic show to San Diego’s Civic Theatre for the week of June 2nd through the 7th. I, along with a couple of friends, caught the performance earlier tonight. Dame Edna’s brand of comedy usually stems from the random selection of various audience members usually in the first couple of rows and interrogating them, or pretty much picking on them. And tonight San Diego proved to be a goldmine at the expense of the individuals selected to spark the comedy of the show.

One woman in particular, Beverly, seemed to bear the brunt of the bitchy humor, from the delightfully comedic answers she gave in response to Dame Edna’s line of inquiry. It started with her description of her home as being an “ethnic” home in Carlsbad, to which Dame Edna inquired if that was like a shopping cart. When asked what the home is made of, Dame Edna had a field day out the response which was bricks and tiles and the home is on stilts. Dame Edna first wanted to know if the stilts were to keep the vermin away and then wanted to know if Beverly’s home was a tourist attraction. It was a riot witnessing a comedy legend at work with such interesting and out of left field answers.

A few others in the audience were picked on throughout the evening, but Beverly proved to be the most entertaining of the bunch. At one point in the show, Dame Edna had a couch and a chair brought out to resemble a talk show stage and under the premise that the evening was being filmed for an HBO pilot, Dame Edna invited the people she picked on during the evening up on stage to be interviewed. She even had Carolyn, another woman she chose to pick on during the evening, sing a song to the audience proclaiming it to be a Susan Boyle moment.

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Running Update With Nike+ May 2009

May was a very similar month to April so it didn’t have the same surprise factor when looking at the end results. In fact, the improvement seems almost minimal. I did have to take a break for a few days because I simply wasn’t home with access to the treadmill for a period of three days which I feel hindered a little of my progress this month. It was definitely the longest stretch of time I’ve done without running since I started doing the treadmill work at the end of November.

The new shoes bought in April were wonderful in May, it’s such a welcome relief to be running without pain and giving me the chance to work on building my speed. I spent most of the month just working on trying to get two mile runs done in less time and I’ve managed to shave some additional time off my average pace per mile.

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Fleetwood Mac Rocks The San Diego Sports Arena

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood MacLast night was the San Diego stop in Fleetwood Mac’s 2009 Unleashed Tour. The concert was at the San Diego Sports Arena, not exactly a venue known for great acoustics, in fact, it’s one of the worst in town, but the bright side is that I finally got to see Fleetwood Mac in concert for the first time ever. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time and it was just one of the most magical evenings in a long time.

The show had a lot of obstacles to overcome for me in the sense that the venue is old and crappy, the acoustics are terrible, and what seemed to add insult to injury is that they were charging an insanely ridiculous $20 for parking in the Sports Arena lot, which is really torn up and in terrible condition. Sheesh, not even Disneyland charges that much for parking, and their parking lot and structure are immaculate. And yet, despite all of these obstacles, the concert was phenomenal, probably as close to a religious experience as one gets for a non-church goer.

Stevie Nicks was in excellent form throughout the show, not only was she singing beautifully, she was quite personable on stage. I had seen her once on one of her solo tours in 2001 and she could barely muster a “Hello San Diego” then, perhaps because that tour was right around September 11th, I don’t know, but she was like a gracious host to the Fleetwood Mac concert last night. Not only was she very warm to the audience, she even commented how nostalgic it was to be playing the San Diego Sports Arena as she recounted a story about the very first time her and Lindsey Buckingham went out on a tour as an opening act and one of the venues on that tour was the San Diego Sports Arena. She commented how the place and its dressing rooms looked the same as on that first time on tour.

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