Jesus H. Christ – An $18 Movie Ticket For Star Trek in IMAX

Star Trek - The IMAX PosterYou know movies are getting to be expensive when it costs about the same to see it on screen as it does to buy the DVD when it comes out. Talk about fleecing the hell out of consumers. In this case, it’s the insanely expensive ticket to see “Star Trek” this Thursday night on an IMAX screen at the Regal Cinema in Escondido.

I’m hoping the experience will be good because this will be the first mainstream movie I’ve seen in IMAX since “Spider-Man 3”, a couple years ago. At the time it was the premiere feature at the Edwards Cinema in Mira Mesa which was just opening it’s IMAX theatre. Basically it converted one of it’s largest theaters into an IMAX auditorium. And I caught a 6 am showing of the movie (the third screening since the midnight premiere showing) and I was a little underwhelmed by the IMAX experience. It could just be that “Spider-Man 3” was a not quite the best film, but I do think the auditorium contributed to the experience, as I felt the screen was just not size wise up to par for an IMAX experience. All my previous IMAX experiences have been at theme parks with these giant larger than life screens, and this screen just felt average. Not quite the sensory overload experience I was hoping for.

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Rifftrax – Mystery Science Theater 3000 With Modern Movies

I was never much a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K as it’s known by its fans), because I just didn’t want to suffer through really old movies. However, I loved the concept behind the idea, where basically an additional added commentary or making up some added dialogue to scenes in movies could make for a fun evening. However, for a relatively low budget comedy show that relies on movies to make the effect work, the only way it could be achieved was through licensing very cheap movies, hence the reliance on older than dirt, long forgotten movies no one could give a rats ass about.

The comedy writing team behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000 consisting of Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, have reformed and now thanks to the Internet, are now no longer limited to shitty old movies with dirt cheap licensing fees. They can now put their attention on big budget Hollywood epics that recently got released on DVD, or really, the types of movies you’re more likely to want to watch anyway.

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Losing A Little Weight & Finally It Shows

Ryan in Xanadu Hat - May 2, 2009It’s definitely a great feeling to take a few new photos to replace some of my older profile photos and actually see a little bit of a difference in terms of weight loss.

In the last two weeks I’ve been following a new program designed by Jorge Cruise, and I’ve already lost about 6 inches off my stomach. I’ve also managed to go down a size in both my uniform top and my pants for work. It’s taking a little getting used to the smaller pants and shirt because they don’t feel as roomy as my old ones were getting to be, but I’m liking it. Can’t wait until I’m trading these ones in for smaller ones as well.

The best part is I haven’t really had to buy any new clothes yet, because I’ve actually already got a bunch of relatively new clothing I’ve bought but because I didn’t like how they fit at time, they’ve sat in my closet waiting for the day I lose some weight and I can wear them. Well that day is finally here and it’s been fun feeling like I’ve got a whole new wardrobe that’s already sitting inside my closet.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Opens Summer Movie Season

X-Men Origins: WolverineI don’t often get fussed about the summer movie season, but this year looks to be loaded with some movies, I actually want to see. Having suffered through a disappointing viewing of “Watchmen” earlier this year, the best thing I could say was three of the movies previewed before the film looked really good. Those films being “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “Star Trek”, and “Terminator: Salvation” and today I got to see the first one of this batch of three.

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is the first “prequel” movie of the X-Men movie series to come out of the gate. I’m sure the powers that be at Fox want to explore origin stories for additional characters, and the first one to see release was this one that focuses on arguably the most popular X-Men character. Here Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine from the X-Men trilogy and it covers his past prior to the first X-Men film. There were a couple of points that seemed inconsistent with “X2: X-Men United” but I still quite enjoyed the movie.

Without giving too much away, there was some gorgeous shots that were supposed to in Canada. I hope that’s where they filmed those shots because they did look like Canadian Rockies, but one never knows anymore. I really enjoyed the movie and think it’s a well done addition to the X-Men line of films. So far of all the comic book genre films, as a whole I think the X-Men series has definitely been one of the best and this film adds to that series wonderfully.

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